Renu Desai: If I Reveal The Facts Of Divorce..

By - June 28, 2018 - 05:30 PM IST

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Renu Desai the model-turned-actress was divorced to Pawan Kalyan years ago. Though Renu Desai did not open up about the divorce, there are times she hinted that she wasn't happy or could not go further with her ex-husband Pawan Kalyan.

After a long wait, Renu Desai seems to have decided to move forward. She is engaged to a man whom she considers as her love for the rest of the life. Ever since Renu Desai announced her engagement, a lot of drama is happening. Renu Desai is seen schooling the fans who come up with abuses and trolls.

Renu Desai even left microblogging site Twitter, as she could not take the negativity. Though no one is sure if they are Pawan Kalyan's fans, Renu Desai has been receiving abuses for her re-marriage. Renu Desai who appears fed up with all these things has taken her stand. In a reply to one of those who tried to preach her, Renu Desai said Pawan Kalyan fans should be thankful to her for staying calm. Renu Desai told that the fans must thank her for not revealing the facts behind her divorce. Check out what Renu Desai had to share.

"Why should I bear negativity? What have I done wrong to bear negativity? My anger is not my maturity. Thank me forever as Kalyan garus fans for me keeping silent on the topic of divorce for so many years! If I open my mouth and just state facts of my divorce all this stupid rude arrogance of yours will go down the drain! Even if my account is not private you have no right to come to my Instagram and start your sob stories. I am not coming to your social media and posting on your Instagram. I pray to god that one day your relentless stupidity will get over and I can open my social media and just see comments related to me and my work", Renu Desai wrote.

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