Sex Scandal: Are Our Actresses So Dumb?

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Even before the Sri Reddy issue has died down, the sex scandal in Chicago has turned out to be a pain in the wrong place for the Telugu Film Industry. While the investigations are on, some are raising a genuine doubt now. This has to do with the actresses being named as the victims and their late reactions.

The folks are saying “They have mentioned they have been harassed. If they call 911 this issue would have been settled on the spot, why didn’t it happen? It only indicates even they were also liking what was happening because of the quick and easy money they were making.”

They added “Yes, victims need consideration but are they so dumb they cannot call 911. They can always talk to the others who are in this ring and they would have advised about it. Moreover, is every member of the American Association the same? Don’t these actresses have friends? If the issue has been happening since long, why did they report it now? Are they so dumb?”. Only the actresses can respond to it.

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