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In case you are a cine buff you would be checking out the newspapers and the ticket booking websites frantically just to check what are the new releases in town. Since the last few years, the trend of multiple film releases has picked up and there are many times when you don’t even realize when few movies actually released and left.

Today is one such day where you might just miss out because a lot of movies are taking the litmus test. Let’s start with the promising contenders. They are ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’ helmed by the talented Tharun Bhascker followed by ‘Yuddha Bhoomi’ featuring Malayalam superstar Mohanlal and our very own Allu Sirish.

The rest of the movies are ‘Shambo Shankara’ marking the debut of Shakalaka Shankar as the hero, ‘Sanjeevani’ ‘Naa Love Story’ ‘Kannullo Nee Roopame’ ‘Mister Homanand’ ‘Super Sketch’ ‘IPC Section Bharya Bandhu’. While it is not sure who the cast and crew are in these movies, from our end here’s wishing everyone the best of success at the box office.

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