Innovation In Promotion Of Konidela

By - June 29, 2018 - 11:14 AM IST

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As much as promotion and strategy are important for taking the film in a maximum way to the people, it is also important to do something different to grab instant attention. Most of the movie teams follow a consistent pattern for their promotions but the moment someone takes a different route the attention gets much higher and longer.

In lieu of that, the team of the movie ‘Happy Wedding’ attempted something interesting. This has Sumanth Ashwin as the hero while the mega daughter Konidela Niharika is the leading lady. It shows someone approaching Niharika and asking about her wedding and she bursts out on him. For some time all of us would think it is for real.

Then the voice says he wants to know about the ‘Happy Wedding’ movie and not her real wedding. Niharika melts like an ice cube and flashes a million dollar smile before giving details. Well, this new approach to promote her movie has struck a chord with the netizens and this is certainly a realistic yet entertaining strategy.

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