Sri Reddy's Love For Nandamuri Family

By - June 29, 2018 - 11:17 AM IST

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When you come across a person who only seems to pick fights with everyone and uses a rather abusive tone of words, you tend to get vexed with him/her. And if the same person says something nice about someone, you cannot help but get shocked. That is said to be the situation of many who have been tracking the activities of Sri Reddy.

Currently, Sri Reddy is demanding some benefits for other technicians at the Chitrapuri Colony and she is fasting as a mark of protest. As expected, the media participation was sizeable and it is heard that one channel went and asked her about the ongoing ‘Bigg Boss’ show. The question is “Did you like NTR or Nani as the host?”

For this, Sri Reddy was reportedly all praises for the young tiger Junior NTR citing he has all the grace of Nandamuri family and reportedly added where is NTR and where is Nani. Those who saw all this are squirming “These media folks know what the answer would be but still they would go and poke her….sad.”


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