Bigg Boss-2: Kireeti's Sister Campaigning For Brother

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Truth be spoken, the name Kireeti Damaraju would not ring a bell for miles together about a few weeks ago but thanks to the ongoing reality show ‘Bigg Boss 2’, the public is beginning to get a fair idea of who that person is. The reality show has entered the third week and it is heard that Kireeti’s stay is on the edge.

Reports are making rounds that he might get eliminated this weekend and this is not going too well with his family members especially his sister. Hence, the entire family of Kireeti has now started an initiative. They have taken to the social media and are pushing Kireeti through twitter and other platforms reaching as many people as they can.

Their objective is simple, request the maximum people to vote for Kireeti so that he can get through this weekend. Coming to the show, though the first week was a bit wobbly it is being reported that things have picked up and the audience is also showing interest to watch it. As for Kireeti, all we can do for now is wish him the best of luck!

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