Bigg Boss 2 Latest Update: Love In The Air!

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Bigg Boss had given a task to the contestants, to perform a love task by pairing up the contestants with one another. Babu Gogineni and Geetha Madhuri are the wardens in charge of keeping the pairs apart. The pairs try to cheat the wardens and meet their partners. It was a fun game to see the lovers desperately trying to meet their partners, while the security guards and wardens try to stop them.

The Bigg Boss house turns out to be a romantic place, with balloons, hearts, and lights all over. Amit is seen deeply involved in the role of a desperate lover. His funny performance when Ganesh avoids him to meet his lover is just funny. Roll Rida recites poems to impress his partner Deepti Sunaina. Nandini is upset that Tanish is not trying to co-operate properly.

The promo shows that Mega Hero Sai Dharam Tej and actress Anupama Parameswaran are to appear in Bigg Boss house, as a part of the promotions of his upcoming movie Tej I Love U. It seems like the love task is in sync with Sai Dharam Tej's appearance in the house, promoting his love story.


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