Will Gopichand Be Cornered?

By - July 05, 2018 - 11:30 AM IST

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Yesterday must have been a sleepless night for aggressive star Gopichand and the reason for that is, his much awaited movie ‘Pantham’ is taking the litmus test at the box office today. This is a very crucial project for Gopichand as he has been reeling under a series of flops and has his hopes pinned strongly on this venture.

Meanwhile, the hero seems to have made yet another ‘foot in the mouth’ statement. As such, Gopichand has been continuing with the routine template masala entertainers and when asked about it, he reportedly stated none of the directors are approaching him with content driven and offbeat subjects though he is ready to do them.

Well, now that Gopichand has opened the gates, such types of concepts come only with the debutante directors so it has to be seen if this senior hero would agree when that happens. At the moment, Gopichand’s next is also confirmed and it is touted to be a wholesome commercial entertainer with action and romance elements.

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