Rajasekhar For NTR Biopic?

By - July 06, 2018 - 07:30 PM IST

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We have often seen how the heroines make a comeback after a hiatus and start their second innings either as character artistes or in some other role. However, that has not been the case with the heroes. Their career doesn’t have a break until they decide to retire. But that was not how angry star Rajasekhar planned his path.

He was a shining hero for quite sometime but later on he met with continuous flops till he decided to take it easy. Then, after a sizeable gap he made his comeback as a hero with the movie ‘PSV Garudavega’ and it turned out to be a good success. Post that, many expected Rajasekhar would be in full momentum with back to back flicks.

However, that didn’t happen and now another update is making rounds. Grapevine is strong that Rajasekhar has been approached to play an important role in the biopic of great NTR. While it is not sure which role would suit Rajasekhar, if this is true it is going to be a worthy opportunity for the senior actor to cement his comeback.

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