Atluri Director Saves Akkineni Hero?

By - July 10, 2018 - 05:12 PM IST

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Hailing from a family of a powerful stars gives you the privilege of being seen as a celebrity and it adds to your aura when you decide to enter the silver screen as a hero. However, that is just to give a good start and if you are unable to capitalize that opportunity you will be discarded mercilessly by the audience without hesitation.

Akkineni prince Akhil stands at that crucial juncture because nothing has worked for him as a hero so far. He made his debut with the movie ‘Akhil’ which became a colossal disaster. This was followed by ‘Hello’ which came and went without much noise. So now, all are saying Akhil’s fate is in the hands of a young director.

He is none other than Venky Atluri because his next is with Akhil. The anticipation is that this film should become a hit and only then Akhil would have got a breakthrough. This is the second venture for Venky as a director and his debut flick ‘Tholi Prema’ became a hit. The shooting is progressing briskly so here’s wishing Akhil the best of success with this.

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