Shocking Act Of Actress' Father

By - July 10, 2018 - 06:26 PM IST

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It has become quite common for heroines to be accompanied by someone close to them and usually it is their father or mother. There are also instances wherein the parent calls the shots which results in becoming a pain to the production and direction team which is working with the starlet. However, here is another strange update.

One beautiful actress is there and she became quite popular through her hungama in the silver screen. She has made good money by working in the movies and is normally accompanied by her father. The talk now is about a rather shocking act of her daddy. Apparently, this man is a lot interested in horse racing.

While that is understood, his shocking act is, if someone present there loses money in the race and is down and depressed, he goes to them and gives them money for encouragement. In a place where every rupee counts and gambling happens at high stakes, this act of the heroine’s father is shocking many. Few smart brains are now planning to go to race course whenever he is going to be the lucky ones.

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