'Holy Shit' Actress In Discussion

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Once you become a celebrity, irrespective of which category you are in, every word and action of yours is observed by the public. If certain mannerisms from you grab their attention they end up giving you a tag or prefix so you have to be watchful of that. One actress doesn’t seem too concerned about that while using a cuss word.

She is none other than Tejaswi Madivada and while not much worked for her in movies, she is now getting lucky with the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 2’. Tejaswi is one of the hot contenders to be the winner of this season’s show and she has now caught the attention of the audience. This is due to her habit of using the word ‘Holy Shit’.

Well, she keeps saying this word every now and then in and with this, some are saying she might get that prefix as ‘Holy Shit’ Tejaswi. During the first episode of this season, singer Geeta Madhuri was using her plait and saying ‘ting ting’ and now she has got the tag as ‘Ting Ting’ Geeta. Now Tejaswi might get this due to her act. The social media discussions are happening strongly on this so watch out Tejaswi.

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