Heroine's Punch To All Boys!

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A typical track which runs in almost every Indian movie is the hero keeps wooing the heroine and finally she says yes. In India, this is not just about reel life but it is also about the real life. In majority of the relationships, it is always the boys who have to run behind the girls to finally get a yes from them.

However, times have changed and girls have changed from those shy and homely ones to bold and brash ones. They are quite vocal about everything and this is being reflected in the new movie ‘Chi La Sow’. One dialogue which has come from the heroine Ruhani Sharma has caught the attention of the youth especially the boys.

Well, Ruhani says “Every guy wants to have Katrina Kaif in their life but none of them will be like Ranbir Kapoor.” The essence of this dialogue goes to show that apart from running behind them, the boys also need to prove themselves in terms of their looks and charms. So guys, this is the requirement of today’s girls, better upgrade yourselves!

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