Sri Reddy's Interest Shifts On Heroines Now

By - July 17, 2018 - 02:49 PM IST

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Sri Reddy seems to have lost it all. Sri Reddy came into limelight after she was denied with a membership card by Movie Arts Associations. She stripped naked in front of the Telugu film chamber in Hyderabad, claiming that she was not given the membership card.

From that incident, Sri Reddy became quite popular too. From that day till today, Sri Reddy has been pointing out one or the other popular personalities, with sexual exploitation claims. Though it appeared like Sri Reddy is trying to convey her problems, it has gotten more vulgar with her constant interviews and her foul language.

Sri Reddy has started pointing out the heroines and their personal matters too. Sri Reddy focus has shifted on Kollywood now. After accusing AR Murugadas and a couple of other artists, Sri Reddy has reached Chennai now. "Am in my favorite Chennai.." Sri Reddy hinted via her Facebook. She also started claiming that top heroines are involved in dirty affairs as well. She even took some heroine' names.

"Few people are thinking that my list is huge,wrong my list is very very small ..if tris..,nay..t..a,ka..l,sa..t.. are good actresses,top heroines if they open up about their list..after listen that huge list you people wl die..Hansika,tamanna also has big list???I mean movies," Sri Reddy wrote. We guess its time Sri Reddy stops doing these leaks, and concentrate on her work.

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