Who Will Watch This Biopic?

By - July 17, 2018 - 04:00 PM IST

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The normal perception about a biopic is, it has to inspire the common man or it has to show something unknown about a legendary person. However, what can be the possible takeaway from the biopic of a porn star? This has been the new debate which has been making rounds after the announcement of the new biopic.

This is about the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone and her journey from Karenjit Kaur to Sunny Leone is soon going to be unveiled. The point being raised is, it is not a sportstar’s biopic for family to watch and encourage it, this is complete porn star’s life story. Given that, who will actually show interest to watch such a biopic?

Responding to this, the cine seniors are saying there is nothing to worry on that part because they are super confident this biopic has its share of audience. Given the craze Sunny Leone has among the masses, huge openings are expected. Right now, some controversy is brewing regarding the title and it only means the attention and publicity will be higher.

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