Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Results Leaked: Hebba On The Show?

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Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is being one of the most-viewed shows on Telugu television right now. After Bhanu Sree's elimination, the Bigg Boss house is left with 12 more members. The week's nominations have Samrat, Roll Rida, Deepti, Tanish and Tejaswi in the unprotected zone. It is not known who will be cornered to the eliminations this week.

In this frame of context, a screenshot which appears to be the results of yesterday's votings is doing rounds on the social media. It is suspected to be one of the leaks from the Bigg Boss show. The attachment has the letterhead indicating that it is supposed to be of 'STAR MAA's crew.

Going by this leak, Roll Rida and Deepti have the highest number of votes, while Samrat has the bottom-level support of votes. Also, on the right side, there is a clause indicating the crew to clean the guest area, as 'Hebba Mam' is to arrive.

If the above leak is to be considered, actress Hebbah Patel is to walk in the Bigg Boss show through Wild Card Entry. How far the above news is true, it to be known.

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