Sri Reddy In Trouble At Tamil Nadu

By - July 18, 2018 - 12:30 PM IST

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We have already mentioned as to how Sri Reddy has been completely sidelined by the electronic media and the web media but she has not stopped her tirade against the industry folks. Now, she took it to another zone altogether. Well, Sri Reddy is currently in Chennai and she has started the same campaign against the Tamil celebrities.

As part of that, she has reportedly come up with allegations on the multi-talented Raghava Lawrence, Tamil hero Srikanth and even producer/director C Sundar, husband of firebrand Khushbu. While all of them have condemned the allegations made by Sri Reddy it is heard that Sundar C has decided to react in a more stronger way.

Buzz from Chennai is that Sundar C has decided to proceed legally against Sri Reddy for causing disrepute to him and his image. Of course, even Natural Star Nani did the same thing but not an inch of effect has been witnessed so it remains to be seen how serious Sundar C is and how far he is willing to take this issue.

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