Actress Thefts Gold From Jewellery Shop

By - July 20, 2018 - 03:50 PM IST

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You can believe when you hear that an actress is showing attitude or throwing tantrums here and there but can you believe she is a thief? Well, nobody would believe it but here is one incident which took place recently and throwing some light on how few actresses can be. The incident took place just about few months ago.

One character artiste went to America as a celebrity guest based on an invitation she got from a NRI Telugu association. During her visit, she was asked to inaugurate a jewellery shop and she did that. During that opening, she saw one ornament and said she will wear it for the rest of the day to give that extra publicity and return it the next day.

The shop owners agreed and when she was asked to return it the next day she said she lost it and did some drama. The actress expected they will not mind it but the owners took it seriously and said “Return it or else we have to call the cops.” Immediately she brought out that ornament and it was a very embarrassing situation. But here comes the best twist, the actress behaved as if nothing happened. Such shameless crap few actresses do and they expect respect.

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