Wife of Ram Movie Review & Rating

By - July 20, 2018 - 11:59 AM IST

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Cast: Lakshmi Manchu, Samrat, Aadarsh Balakrishna & Priyadarshi
Banner: People Media Factory & Manchu Entertainments
Music: Raghu Dixit
Editor: Thammiraju
Cinematography: Samala Bhasker
Producers: TG Vishwa Prasad & Vivek Kuchibotla
Written & Directed by Vijay Yelakanti

Rating: 2.5/5

Lakshmi Manchu- A multi-faceted personality in the Telugu film industry is known for attempting different stories with her films. The recent best example is W/o Ram. This time Lakshmi Manchu picked murder mystery theme for her film and already it created quite a positive buzz among the audiences.

Well, here is the Lakshmi Manchu’s W/o Ram movie review.

Story Plot:

A sudden jolt in the form of the husband’s death hits the happy going life of a married couple- Ram(Samrat) & Deeksha (Lakshmi Manchu). Well, Deeksha finds something fishy in her husband’s death and tries to solve the death mystery on her own.

In the process, she finds Vicky’s hand in her husband’s death. What is the connection between Ram & Vicky? What is the role of Vicky in Ram’s death? These questions will be answered on the silver screen.

Actors & Performances:

Lakshmi Manchu: Lakshmi got a very good role in the movie and she portrayed one of the best performances of her till date. She did absolute justice to the role of a wife who is in search of truth.

Priyadarshi: He got a different role in the film and his portrayal of a serious police constable is quite different from the roles he regularly does in films.

Samrat & Aadarsh got brief roles in the movie.


Murder mystery genre movies need to have the basic qualities of closely knitted screenplay along with some strong characters in the story. Coming to the W/o Ram movie, it has got decent actors to perform and the major drawback has come up in the form of the weak screenplay for this movie.

Well, writer-director Vijay tried to continue the suspense through his writing and he fared average in this department. However, the climax twist has got the weight and this turns out as one of the highlights of the movie.

Director did a good job by avoiding unnecessary songs and other routine commercial stuff in the screenplay and in a way this bold approach helped the movie.

Finally, if he would have scripted the screenplay in an even more engaging way then the result is far better as compared to the present.

Technical Aspects:

Bhasker’s Camera work & Raghu Dixit’s BGM are the top departments in the movie and these two factors did help the film to reach the next level.

Plus Points:

+ Climax Twist
+ Second Half

Minus Point:

- First Half

Final Verdict: W/o Ram- Good Attempt, It could have been made even better.


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