RX 100 Movie Review & Rating

By - July 12, 2018 - 01:48 PM IST

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Cast: Karthikeya, Payal Rajput, Rao Ramesh, Ramkee & Others
Banner: Karthikeya Creative Works
Music: Chaithan Bharadwaj
Editor: Praveen
Producer: Ashok Reddy
Writer & Director: Ajay Bhupathi

Rating: 2.5/5

On-screen kissing, bold romantic scenes, cuss words are not acceptable on Telugu silver screen till sometime ago. However, things changed and slowly the inhibitions to capture romantic scenes are fading away. Even the majority of the audience are not protesting or going against this new trend.

Latest film RX 100 is also such a movie which grabbed the eyeballs of the audience with its bold scenes and the raw screenplay in the trailer. It immediately caught the attention of youth and also raised discussions like comparing this movie to Arjun Reddy.


Daddy(Ramki) is a very honest helper to Vishwanatham(Rao Ramesh). He even helps and stands as a great support to Vishwanatham for him to win the presidential elections. Shiva(Karthikeya) is brought up by Daddy.

Shiva falls for Indu(Payal Rajput) who is the daughter of Vishwanatham. Indu and Shiva share a love bond, both madly in love with each other they cross all the barriers. Vishwanatham marries off his daughter to another person and sends her off to America. What happens next, and will the lovers meet again is the rest of the story.

Actors & Performances:

Karthikeya: RX 100 helped him to showcase his acting skills on silver screen and he absolutely did justification to the role of an arrogant youngster.

Payal Rajput: Payal Rajput is the surprising & shocking factor in the movie and she did kissing & romantic scenes without any fear.

Rao Ramesh & Ramkee: These two actors did their best to the roles and they both gave undying support to the lead pair with their acting.


Even though Ajay Bhupathi came up with a routine story of lovers getting separated from each other by their parents, he gained brownie points as a writer & director with the gripping portions of climax. This film’s climax stands out as the best portion of the entire film and maybe the climax portion is the attracting factor for the makers to make this film.

Ajay scripted the screenplay in a way such the scenes and the acting looks like in a realistic manner and he is fortunate that actors rose up to his expectations with their performances. In the first half, the relation between the characters & the romantic scenes got priority and in the second half, the hero’s love failure facet has got the importance.

However, with his style of the detailed screenplay, the duration of scenes & some unwanted portions came as hurdles to the screenplay. On the whole, he made a decent attempt with RX 100 and hope his direction would get enough applause from the audience.

Technical Aspects:

Music from Chaithan Bharadwaj got thumbs up from the audience and especially his BGM suited to the mood of the story.

Plus Points:

+ Heroine
+Romantic Scenes
+ Climax

Minus Points:

-Routine Story
-Slow Screenplay

Final Verdict: RX 100 travels at average speed.



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