Pantham Movie Review & Ratings

By - July 05, 2018 - 02:00 PM IST

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Cast: Gopichand, Mehreen Pirzada, Sampath, Jayaprakash & others
Banner: Sri Sathya Sai Arts
Music: Gopi Sunder
Cinematography: Prasad Murella
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Producer: KK Radhamohan
Written & Direction: Chakravarthi Reddy Rating: 2/5

Gopi Chand is in a dire need of success, as his recent movies are utter flops. He has been on a bad track, with his latest movie Oxygen scored another flop. With all the hopes pinned on Pantham, this movie is expected to be a decent comeback for Gopi Chand.

Story Line:

Vikranth (Gopi Chand) is a looter. He loots the ministers and their binamis. Vikranth gives away the looted money to a trust. Home Minister Jayendra (Mirchi Sampath) loses a huge amount because of Vikranth. What is the relationship between Vikranth and Home Minister is to be unveiled in the movie?

Roles and Performances:

Though Gopi Chand has performed well, there is nothing distinct in his role. When a person wants to give a good comeback after a series of failures, chose a distinct story, which Gopi Chand fails to do.

Mehreen Pirzada has no significance in Pantham. She is just a glam doll. Other actors seem okay okay in their roles.


Tollywood has a number of stories inspired from the 'Robin Hood' tale. To loot the rich and give the riches away to the poor is not at all a new concept in Telugu. When hit movies like Kondaveeti Donga, Gentleman, Kick, Shivaji etc were received well, to attempt the same story needs a unique presentation, which has a very small impact in Pantham.

Even for a small task to be done, the government officers have to be pushed hard. All these points are shown well, with a relative narration. Though all the things referred to the Indian system are old, the dialogues add interest.

Technical Aspects:

The bgm and music are just okay. Editing is not very impressive. Some scenes even lack lip sync. Production values are good. The director needs to focus on the narration. 

Plus Points:

Story Narration

Minus Points:

Routine story

Final Verdict:

Another flop for Gopi Chand.


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