Naa Nuvve Movie Review & Rating

By - June 14, 2018 - 01:47 PM IST

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Cast: Kalyan Ram, Tamannaah & Others
Banner: Cool Breeze Cinemas
Presentation: East Coast Productions
Music: Sharreth
Cinematography: PC Sreeram
Producers: Kiran & Vijay Kumar
Writer & Direction: Jayendra

Rating: 2/5

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is on a roll by releasing two back to back films (MLA & Naa Nuvve) in the first half of the year 2018. For the first time in his career, Kalyan Ram is sharing screen space with Tamannaah in Naa Nuvve movie and it is being one of the highlights in the film. On the other side, renowned Ad filmmaker Jayendra is once again trying his hand in direction with this film after a break of 7 long years.

In this scenario, we need to know whether Naa Nuvve movie will be a sweet memory to the crew or not in the following Naa Nuvve review.


Meera (Tamannaah) happens to come across a book called Love Signs while travelling on a Train and she left the book itself. However, the same book starts comes to her continuously without any effort from her. She finds a person’s photo in the book and after that series of incidents make her believe that person in the photo is a lucky charm in her life. It even makes her fall in love with him and she makes up her mind it as the destiny.

And the person in the photograph turns out as Varun (Kalyan Ram). He is a person who gives zero importance to destiny and all the other related things. As the story moves on, Meera happens to meet Varun and explains all the story of “destiny is trying to make them as partners”. Varun doesn’t believe in all these things and proposes a destiny test before Meera in order to know about the authenticity of ”Destiny” thing in their story.

What is that destiny test? Will Meera gets succeeded in the destiny test? These questions will unfolds on the silver screen.

Actors & Performances:

Kalyan Ram: Firstly, he needs to get a big shout to accept this kind of script and even going under a makeover for this film. However, his performances in dances & romantic scenes need to be polished to the next level.

Tamannaah: She is the crux of the entire film as a believer in Destiny. She portrays the role in a very beautiful way and her glamour is also an additional added advantage to the film.

Tanikella Bharani, Posani, Vennela Kishore & Bithiri Satti got brief roles.


Ad filmmaker Jayendra prepared this love story script with a thing called “Destiny” as an underlayer for the story. Well, his idea of keeping Destiny in the story is fine and even it gave him the scope to write the tight-knitting screenplay for the movie.

Unfortunately, he underscored in scripting the efficient screenplay for this flick and it eventually turned out as a major drawback in the movie. The other major thing is of Naa Nuvve is missing the stamp of a cinematic feel while watching as it mostly gave the Ad film kind of a vibe to the audience.

The emotions between the lead actors are not up to the mark as lovers and the love emotion between them is not in a believable state. Major portions in the songs got overshadowed by CG and it made the songs look so unnatural.

Finally, Naa Nuvve is more like a High-Quality Two Hour Long Ad Film rather than a feature film.

Technical Aspects:

The Cinematography from PC Sreeram is top notch and the visuals in the film are superb. Music from Sharreth is good and BGM is also fine. Production values are grand.

Plus Points:

+ Tamannaah
+ Cinematography

Minus Points:

- Screenplay
- Missing Cinematic Experience

Final Verdict: Destiny of Naa Nuvve is doubtful.

Review By Sandeep.


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