RX 100 Satellite And Digital Rights Updates

By - July 20, 2018 - 04:30 PM IST

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We are living in times where expecting decent money for satellite and digital for a small budget flick is a dream. The offer that is given is always revenue sharing and that is hardly peanuts. At a time like this, one small budget movie has become a hot cake among the TV channels and they are vying against each other to grab the film.

The film in discussion is ‘RX 100’ and it has become an out of the blue surprise success with rapid collections and if the same momentum continues the film would become a big blockbuster. Meanwhile, it is heard that the makers are being flocked by various TV channels for the satellite and digital rights and here is an update.

It is heard that the best offer given to ‘RX 100’ is a mind boggling 8 crores and this is a huge amount given to a small budget movie in the recent times. While the dotted line is yet to be inked, it is heard that the finer details are already in agreement and the deal is as good as okay. If everything happens as anticipated it would be a new record.

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