Babu Gogineni Quits Bigg Boss?

By - July 24, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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Though the celebrity quotient was quite low the choice of the contestants for the second edition of the reality show Bigg Boss was interesting. Individuals with somewhat contrasting mindsets were brought into the show and currently the elimination process has picked up the steam. Amidst the participants, humanist Babu Gogineni stands out.

He doesn’t belong to the entertainment industry and his viewpoints on various issues are rather contrary to human beliefs and sentiments. Now, there is a chance that he might just walk out of the house. Apparently, Babu Gogineni was being seen as very respectful from a long time but now pressure is being built on him.

During the initial episodes he was asked to do catwalk but he said no. Now slowly he is doing every task being assigned. Today a new task is coming wherein eggs are broken on heads and normally, Babu Gogineni doesn’t agree for such weird tasks. The organizers feel his patience should be tested so that he nominates himself to quit. Whether he will fall into this strategic trap or not remains to be seen.

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