Will Sam's First Time Work?

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When you are riding a bike or driving a car you tend to come across the U-turn signal and it only means this would take you to the opposite side of where you have been going so far. The same symbol has now been used as the title for a new movie featuring the cute smile queen Samantha in the role of more like a protagonist.

The first look has been unveiled and it is clear that Sam means business and there is no lovely dovey romance for her in this. Touted to be edge of the seat thriller, those who have seen the poster say it looks quite realistic and if the content is going to be good, this film will become a trendsetter for all those who wish to see something different.

This is being helmed by Pawan Kumar and as per the latest reports, the talkie part is already wrapped up and they are just waiting for the songs to be canned. This is the first time Samantha is being seen as a main lead so it all boils down to her mettle and performance quotient which will determine her fate at the box office.

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