Is Avasarala Srinivas Not Sufficient?

By - July 30, 2018 - 07:30 PM IST

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Whenever the casting process takes place the director has a particular vision and based on that he chooses his artistes. While that is understood, there needs to be some relevance and rationale as to why he chose that artiste. In this regard, one discussion is currently making rounds and this has to do with one choice of intellectual filmmaker Krish.

Apparently, Krish has chosen the Bengali actor Jisshu Sengupta to do the role of the legendary L V Prasad in the biopic of great NTR. The question being raised is, it is a cameo role and just for that why Jisshu Sengupta. Already, Srinivas Avasarala is there who has registered his presence with his performance as L V Prasad in the blockbuster biopic ‘Mahanati’.

For most of the Telugu folks, Jisshu Sengupta is a name they would have heard for the first time in their life so why him. Well, some say Krish is there in Bollywood since quite a while and hence he is getting those he knows. Some also feel it would help when he uses a north Indian artiste if he plans to release the film in other languages.

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