Nutan Naidu's Basha Background Exposed

By - August 04, 2018 - 02:54 PM IST

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You will certainly agree with us when we say the movie ‘Basha’ featuring Style Samrat Rajnikanth was one of the best commercial movies ever made and most importantly it is the emotional peaks which struck a chord with the audience. The film shows how Rajini is seen as a regular auto driver but in reality he happens to be a very famous mafia don.

Since then many use ‘Basha’ as a context to refer someone who creates one impression in front of everyone but in reality he has a very powerful background. The same is being said about Nutan Naidu, one of the participants in the Bigg Boss 2. He had come into the House under the common man category but here is another update.

Recently one social activist by the name of Siva came up with a barrage of accusations and revelations about Nutan. He mentioned that Nutan is a political aspirant and is loaded with money. He also mentioned Nutan spent a whopping 35 lakhs on an actress and it is because of his money power he made it into the show. Wonder if all this is true or just another ploy to defame Nutan.

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