Curtains Down On Sabhaku Namaskaram

By - August 04, 2018 - 02:53 PM IST

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Just recently there was a strong buzz about a movie titled as ‘Sabhaku Namaskaram’ and it was strongly believed this would have stylish star Allu Arjun as the hero while the man with the golden hand Dil Raju would be the producer. It was also reported that the hunt was on for the right director and this was a story with strong mass value.

Later on, there were also reports that Bunny is going to be seen as a cop but it was not sure whether this role was part of ‘Sabhaku Namaskaram’ or another project. Anyhow, before fans of Bunny could rejoice and the industry could celebrate that a crazy project was on the offing, Dil Raju himself came into the open and spilled the beans.

Well, the big producer quashed all this as baseless gossip and made it clear no such project is on the cards. He reportedly clarified his only project right now is the 25th movie of superstar Mahesh Babu. This only means Bunny is still on square number one and nothing has been finalized. So, let us all say Namaskaram to ‘Sabhaku Namaskaram’ then.

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