Slimmest Rana Fits Perfectly

By - August 05, 2018 - 01:12 PM IST

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It is a common habit to keep speculating over heroes and heroines at the slightest chance and most of the times, such speculations are on a negative tone. However, there are also those who see the bright side in it and come up with observations which cannot be denied. This time, the focus is on the towering hunk Daggubati Rana.

After showing his brawn and beefy physique in the magnum opus ‘Baahubali’, Rana has taken a complete U-Turn and he now has a beady body. This has also triggered strong reports about Rana suffering a major kidney ailment and another grapevine was that Rana would soon be heading to the National Kidney Institute in Singapore for treatment.

While discussions about his health are making stronger rounds, one group gave a different perspective. They say “Rana has become very slim and this is the perfect physique for his role as Chandrababu Naidu in NTR’s biopic. Right now, he looks just like how Naidu was during the 80s.” That’s a valid observation folks.

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