Silent Director Giving Explanations

By - August 05, 2018 - 01:00 PM IST

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There are many talented directors in the Telugu Film Industry but among them there are those men who believe in letting their work do the talking. Rest of the times they stay away from the media spotlight and any other publicity causing thing. Top in that list is the soft spoken director Sekhar Kammula also known as the silent director.

He keeps doing his work silently and you get to see him only when his film is about to release. Rest of the time nobody knows where he is and what he is upto. However, when something related to Kammula happens and even if it has the remotest connection, he comes out of hibernation and gives the required clarity before disappearing.

Few months ago, when the Sri Reddy saga was on and she was busy accusing everyone, even Kammula’s name got into the hit list. Within no time, he gave explanation for Sri Reddy issue and cleared his slate. Now, it is heard that one person has been posing himself as Kammula film’s casting director and looting money from people. Immediately Kammula filed a complaint with the police and gave a clear statement through his Facebook about this fake guy. Way to go Kammula!

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