Syamala's Over Hugs Disturbs Audience

By - August 04, 2018 - 05:46 PM IST

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There is a famous saying which goes ‘too much is too bad’ and when such a thing happens in front of a large audience, the reaction tends to be equally severe. As part of the film industry, the members of the film fraternity are expected to have a certain body language which exhibits friendliness and approachability.

However, care should be taken to draw a fine line or else it gets interpreted in a different way. This is more important for the girls. The reason for all this discussion is the impression audience got after watching the reactions of Syamala as she got a re-entry into ‘Bigg Boss 2’. As soon as she came, she was flooding everyone with strong hugs.

The likes of Roll Ryda, Ganesh were squeezed tightly by Syamala and she looked quite hyper hugging everyone in a similar way. The audience got disturbed with these over hugs and gave many comments on Facebook. As such, Syamala’s intent might be clean but those who saw had a different thought. Even Sai Rajesh of Hrudaya Kaleyam fame quipped “When we were young giving just a handshake was seen as a taboo, not sure what these hugs in Bigg Boss mean.”

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