Is Nutan Naidu The Hidden Sponsor?

By - August 04, 2018 - 05:41 PM IST

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There is a lot happening on the ongoing reality show ‘Bigg Boss 2’ and though the initial days were not that exciting it has now reached a very strong stage. Home viewers are on their toes to see what is happening next. Given the overwhelming response, many brands have also started flooding the organizers to promote themselves.

Amidst all this, one interesting grapevine is making rounds. Just like how companies are coming forward to sponsor and patronize Bigg Boss, the same is reportedly happening from one of the inmates too. He is none other than Nutan Naidu. According to this grapevine, Nutan gave money and re-entered the show.

It is also being speculated that Nutan has proposed if he is kept inside the house he will continue paying money. Another point being added is, just for him only the common man category has been created but to make it look natural, instead of getting one person they kept three in the form of Ganesh, Sanjana. Only Nutan and the organizers know the truth.


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