Nithiin! Focus On C-P!

By - August 13, 2018 - 02:35 PM IST

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Just because you have reached the bracket of a bankable hero it doesn’t really mean life is going to be smooth and career will be going great guns. Even biggest of stars like Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu were not spared when they came up with shoddy movies. Given that, one can imagine the situation of someone like youth star Nithiin.

He has now arrived with the movie ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ and it has turned out to be a dud at the box office. While reasons are being worked out to see why the film didn’t work, here is some advice for this promising hero. Basically, some are suggesting Nithiin needs to focus strongly on two aspects, content and promotion.

Incidentally, Nithiin hardly takes part in any promotion event and prior to that, his choice of scripts is not really great. While participating in promotional activities brings him closer to the audience and they develop that connect to patronize him, choosing scripts with proper content is the only way Nithiin can bounce back into the game. Make a note youth star!

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