'Roja' Magic Repeats?

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To many cine buffs who are past 30, the date August 15th, 1992 will be etched in their memories strongly because of one film. It is ‘Roja’, a movie helmed by the maverick Mani Ratnam. This was responsible for introducing a very handsome hero to the industry along with a super talented music director who rose to international heights.

The hero is none other than Arvind Swami and the music director is the Mozart of Madras, A R Rahman. Now, Mani is coming with a new movie and this has got Arvind Swami as one of the main leads. We are talking about the movie ‘Nawab’ which is being made with underworld backdrop and has a list of superb artistes.

The first look of the movie was unveiled with the introduction of Arvind Swami and it has floored many. They are now saying this looks like ‘Roja’ magic is going to repeat once again. Lately, Mani has been scoring only flops but ‘Nawab’ is expected to bring him back into the big league. Keep watching this space for further updates.

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