Cheddi Gang: What A Title!

By - August 14, 2018 - 12:19 PM IST

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In case you are someone who keeps track of the crime incidents that keep happening in the city, the story of ‘Cheddi Gang’ would have been familiar. Apparently, a group of thieves from a different state have been targeting few houses in Hyderabad and the special thing about them is, all of them wear shorts thereby earning the name ‘Cheddi Gang’.

Now, another Cheddi Gang has emerged in the Telugu Film Industry albeit for a right reason. Apparently, comedy star Vennela Kishore is the leader of this gang and it is heard that recently he organized a party at his place. The list of guests had one condition for entry- they were supposed to dress in school uniform.

As a result, the gathering comprised of eleven comedians and all of them didn’t hesitate to sport a blue short and white shirt along with a tie. The theme from Kishore was ‘back to school’ and hence this getup. Later, he put this picture on social media and it has become a viral hit. Everyone is having a hearty laugh with this ‘Cheddi Gang’ and are appreciating the title too.

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