Samantha's Request To Anirudh

By - August 26, 2018 - 11:04 AM IST

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Today the cute smile queen Samantha is the daughter in law of the Akkineni family and she has become a proper Hyderabadi. However, if you were to see her roots, she hails from Chennai and is a proper Madrasi. Hence, she has good contacts with the Kollywood circuit and has done quite a bit of hit movies there.

Now, it is heard that Sam has come up with a special request to the lanky talent Anirudh Ravichander. It is known that Anirudh is a celebrity music composer in Kollywood and his presence brings audience to the theatres. Buzz is that Sam has asked Anirudh to do a promotional video for her new movie ‘U-Turn’.

Sources reveal this video is going to be used only for promotions and it will not feature in the movie. At the same time, Anirudh would be joined by Samantha for the gig and they will shake a leg together. As such, Anirudh’s debut in Telugu in the form of ‘Agnyaathavasi’ didn’t work so let us wish this promo video re-establishes his talent here.

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