Popular Anchor With Cards And Drinks

By - September 01, 2018 - 06:25 PM IST

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Being part of the entertainment industry tends to lure you into extracurricular activities such as partying, drinking and sometimes gambling as well. While it is one thing to do it for fun, there are those celebrities who take it up very seriously and it becomes like a daily activity for them. This tends to make things very risky.

The grapevine now is about one TV anchor who has been acting in movies also lately. There is a lot of craze for her glamour and immensely high domestic sex appeal. It is heard that this popular anchor has got one habit. She sits with her husband and involves in cards and drinks. This activity is not restricted just for fun or timepass.

Buzz is that the moment weekends come, these two activities are compulsory and this anchor organizes it at her home or at her friends place. In this party filled environment, there are reports that it was the same reason why she has put on additional pounds and is not showing any effort to cut down these extra kilo of piles.

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