Bigg Boss: Is Kaushal Army Pre-Planned?

By - September 01, 2018 - 06:29 PM IST

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Now that the most talked about reality show Bigg Boss is reaching to a conclusive direction, the discussions are focused on the final contenders and how they have been able to survive all this time. The primary candidate in that has been Kaushal Manda who has been in the spotlight since a very long time.

It is known that a team called ‘Kaushal Army’ has been creating a lot of buzz since the time he entered the Bigg Boss house. Thanks to this army the hungama in the social media about Kaushal and every moment has been high from a long time. This has raised a new doubt among the common public.

They are wondering if before he entered the Bigg Boss house has Kaushal assembled a team to do some buzz on social media. Even one of the other inmates Babu Gogineni made an implied allegation that this army was pre planned. For now, it looks real because when Nani raised the topic Kaushal didn’t react much. It looked as if he already knew of its existence.

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