'Saaho' Pre Release Business @ Rs 200 Cr?

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When you score a hit that shakes the pillars of the entire Indian cinema and creates tremors even in international arena, you can be rest assured your next project would be anticipated with sky high expectations. In this process, you should also be prepared to handle the buyers who will keep tempting you with juicy offers.

Young rebel star Prabhas who was a darling to the Telugu crowds became a darling to entire India after his magnum opus ‘Baahubali’. As a result, many are eagerly waiting to see him in his next venture ‘Saaho’. The film is being made on a prestigious level with an ambitious budget. And as expected, the buyers are already flocking the makers.

According to reliable reports, on table offers are already coming and it is heard that the pre release business offers are touching a whopping 200 crores. This is because of Prabhas who has become a national and international actor due to ‘Baahubali’. The trade analysts are saying the hype for ‘Saaho’ increased purely because of him. Let us see where this deal gets locked.

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