Bigg Boss: Geetha Lost Impression Of Audience?

By - September 01, 2018 - 06:38 PM IST

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As much as we are talking about the singer Geetha Madhuri becoming the hot contender for winning the Bigg Boss title she is now on the edge of a cliff between decency and image. Apparently, Geetha is married and she is not just a celebrity singer but someone who has been respected for the way she carries herself.

When she entered the Bigg Boss house, the audience liked her including family audience. She was quite decent at the start and was maintaining distance from the contestants. Even the self proclaimed humanist Babu Gogineni used to do that in men and Geetha used to do that in women. This had increased her rating a lot.

But as the show is coming to an end she seems to be shedding her inhibitions and especially her hobnobbing with Samrat has not gone well. This has brought down her impression. It is only after few opinions were expressed that Samrat has been touted as her brother after tying of rakhi. The decision of Geetha to accept Samrat as her brother after some rounds of opinion has also gone against her. Let us see how things will go from here.

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