Bigg Boss: Geetha Madhuri To Win Crown?

By - September 05, 2018 - 10:47 AM IST

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By keeping close track of what is happening in the most sought after reality show Bigg Boss 2, every passing day is giving a very clear picture as to who is going to win the much coveted title. Till recently it was strongly believed the fight is going to be between Kaushal Manda and the singer Geetha Madhuri.

Now, the clouds are clearing and all fingers are pointing towards only one person. She is none other than Geetha Madhuri. Talk is that Geetha will get the title because she has now become the favorite of all the womenfolk. Reports are arriving that many ladies are keen to give the maximum push to Geetha to show women power.

This women’s reservation quota is going to create quite an edge and there are high chances that Kaushal and his army might not be able to withstand the storm. Of course, there is still three weeks left to decide the winner and that is quite a long time but it looks like the women army is quite determined to defeat Kaushal Army and bring the title to Geetha.

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