Is Chief Minister Better Than Queen?

By - September 05, 2018 - 10:57 AM IST

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Your talent, hardwork and most importantly the stroke of luck decides your success but how you carry it forward is entirely in your hands. There are many times wise men have advised success should be carried in the heart and not in the head. Despite so many words of caution, some people just don’t learn and end up becoming like pests.

The intellectual filmmaker Krish has been maintaining a clean slate as far as his career goes and in fact he has a special regard and respect among the cine buffs because of the way he shapes his movies. But now Krish is in news for the wrong reasons. Well, it is heard that he has walked out of his Bollywood project ‘Manikarnika’.

We have been reporting since few days that Krish is now busy with the biopic of great N T Rama Rao while ‘Manikarnika’s leading lady Kangana is taking care of directing the patchwork. But now a reliable report has come citing Krish has actually walked out of the project unable to withstand the intervention of Kangana. Looks like NTR biopic looks better than Queen Jhansi’s biopic.

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