Kaushal's Wig Inspires Bald Men

By - September 07, 2018 - 03:21 PM IST

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Whenever the topic of the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is coming up, the name of Kaushal Manda is coming out for sure. The way the wave is going, it is being believed that Kaushal has a strong chance of winning the title. Prior to stepping inside the House, Kaushal was known for his roles in TV and ramp shows as a model.

Given his rising popularity in the recent times, the interest of the public has increased and they are now snooping around to get maximum information about him. On further enquiries, his old images have come out and those who have seen it are saying he had lost his hair long ago and what seems to be on his head is a wig.

Yet, he is looking so young because it doesn’t really look like a wig at all. With this, they are enquiring as to where did Kaushal get it and it turns out that in less than 1 lakh a wig like that can be prepared. On learning this news, many bald men are taking Kaushal as inspiration and have decided to look good by buying this wig.

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