Gunasekhar's 'Hiranyakasapa' Needs Time

By - September 07, 2018 - 12:32 PM IST

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Taking out the list of those directors who created a huge impact about ten years ago, the name of grandeur director Gunasekhar stands first in the list. Irrespective of the content, Gunasekhar has always ensured he would grab the attention of the audience with his extravagant sets and visual splendor in his movies.

It is known that Gunasekhar is currently going to do the film of his life. He is in the process of making the period flick ‘Hiranyakasapa’ and sources reveal the script work is happening and would be ready soon. But here comes the twist, ‘Hiranyakasapa’ is to feature the towering hunk Daggubati Rana in that look.

But then Rana has become very slim as of now suiting CBN’s role in NTR biopic. It would take at least one year or more for him to get back to original shape that resembles a warrior. If Gunasekhar obliges to this window of time, it would take another two years before the actual project would hit the floors.

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