Lyricist's Rehearsals For Oscar Award?

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It takes a special skill to be a good orator and just because you are a good artiste or a writer it doesn’t mean you can become a good speaker too. Hence, when you are onstage facing the public, it is essential your words are simple and straight without causing much of confusion. Otherweise, your whole attempt tends to get backfired.

Suddala Ashok Teja is one of them sot sought after lyricists in the Telugu Film Industry and his grip over Telugu literature is phenomenal. Akin to that, he has been getting many honours and the latest addition to that is ‘Best lyricist’ award at the prestigious SIIMA event. This is for the song ‘Vachchinde… pilla mellaga vachinde’.

This was for the movie ‘Fidaa’. Ashok Teja received the award from Madhura Sreedhar and sharing his thoughts, he said “It is as if I am doing a rehearsal before receiving an Oscar award.” As expected, nobody laughed or clapped and there was no reaction whatsoever. They said it was a rather hyperbolic statement causing a bit of surprise than anything else.


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