Mahesh No Longer Required

By - September 23, 2018 - 01:16 PM IST

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Once you are part of a family which has a big star hero and you decide to come up with something of your own, you tend to identify yourself with the star hero every time and become branded fan to that hero. The objective is, by taking the name of the star hero there is a feeling that it would add a lot of mileage to the movie.

In some cases, the superstar also comes for the promotional campaigns and mentions about it in his social media. However, it appears that the muscular Sudheer Babu is no longer keen to take or use the name of superstar Mahesh Babu for his movies. It only goes to show his confidence that he is not willing to grow in Mahesh’s shadow.

He has now arrived with the movie ‘Nannu Dochukunduvate’ and he has also produced the film. This has been getting a decent response and the word of mouth from the public looks positive. The fact that Sudheer Babu is growing in confidence is a good sign so here’s wishing him the best of success for his future endeavors sans superstar Mahesh Babu.

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