Power Of Marketing In Telugu Film Industry

By - September 23, 2018 - 12:43 PM IST

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We have frequently mentioned about how having a good film is not sufficient because one needs to have the right kind of Marketing to take the film to the audience. And whenever marketing is not given that importance, even a super hit movie can become a big dud when it is remade just like how it has happened now.

The film ‘Pelli Choopulu’ became a sensational hit in Telugu. The reason being, one month before the movie release shows were held and buzz was created among social media. After extensive promotion the film arrived in theatres and due to the good content and pre release buzz it became a big hit at the box office.

Now, the same film has been remade in Hindi as ‘Mitron’ and it didn’t work only due to lack of proper marketing strategy. For that matter, if they had done a direct release in Telugu without promotion it would have failed here also. Hence, marketing strategy is key. For the Telugu version Suresh Babu and Madhura Sreedhar worked hard. While Madhura invented the ideas, Suresh implemented them and it worked.

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