Bigg Boss Telugu Show Becomes Jambalakidipamba

By - September 26, 2018 - 03:28 PM IST

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The Telugu cinema has always stood by conventional approach and they never dared to violate the template designed in terms of content. For many decades this has been the tradition but now and then few people chose to break the monotony and come up with few radical films. One such movie which took many by surprise came in 1993.

It was ‘Jambalakidipamba’ wherein men start behaving like women and vice versa. It was a hilarious treat for the audience that time. Now, it appears the yesterday’s episode of the reality show Bigg Boss brought back those memories. Apparently, there was a character swap between the inmates of the house.

They had to imitate each other and become them for sometime. This was a task and Tanish did like Geetha Madhuri while Samrat did like Deepthi. Similarly, Geetha did like Tanish and Deepthi did like Kaushal. As for Kaushal, he became Samrat. With characters changing the audience began quipping it looked like Jambalakadi Pamba. Anyhow, Tanish scored the highest marks as he acted well as Geetha.


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