What do you people even write?

By - October 01, 2018 - 12:30 PM IST

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Director Shankar who is awaiting the release of his upcoming visual extravaganza 2.O, the sequel of Enthiran is pretty much confident about bagging a hit.

The film which has Rajnikanth in lead role is releasing on November 29. In a recent interview he has given to a national television channel, Shankar has revealed that he is very much shocked with the way netizens write and make gossips about the film. The director said, “Sometimes I keep reading the news and comments of public on 2.O. Especially after the teaser was released, people started writing whatever they want on social media. Sometimes I find news which is very much true with what has happened. But some news and gossips put me in shock. I get amazed with what they write and I laugh at them.”


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