'RX 100' Director Responds On Deaths

By - October 02, 2018 - 02:45 PM IST

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The impact of cinema on people is quite strong and in India it is nothing less than an integral part of many lives. Hence, there are those who get influenced strongly and tend to cross the line of rationale. The latest incident is that of two boys who loved a girl and killed themselves after their love proposal was rejected.

One of the boys killed himself by immolating using petrol and the victim reportedly said ‘RX 100’ movie inspired him a lot. His friends also said he used to listen to RX 100 songs a lot. Taking cue from this, the TV news channels reportedly called the film’s director Ajay Bhupathi and said two people died because of your film.

In response, Ajay asked “Who died?”. They said “Students”. For that, he asked ”What are they studying?” and the answer was ‘10th Class’. For this, Ajay said “How were they allowed into the theatre? They must not. It is an A certificate movie and meant for adults. Care should be taken not to allow them inside the theatres. I didn’t make it for them.” The media folks went speechless. Hats off to his intelligent reply and spontaneity!


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